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Tsarnaev Trial

Change of Venue Motions in the Tsarnaev Trial: How is social science used to persuade a judge to change the venue of a trial? (Ariel Atlas, Johanna Bachmair, and Brian Musto)

The Tsarnaev Trial and The Impact of Video Evidence: How does video evidence affect jury decisions?  Read about how video image quality, video evidence framing, ambiguous video evidence and gruesome video evidence affect the jury’s decision-making process.  (Alex Gutierrez, Carolina Morales and Ryohei Tsukuda)

Making a Case for the Dealth Penalty in the Tsarnaev Case: Guilt is not the issue. Will Tsarnaev be sentenced to death and what social science may the prosecution use in their argument? (Brittany Benavidez, and Seong Huon Lee)

Building a Mitigation Case for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: What makes up a successful mitigation case and how is social science used in the process? (Alexandra McPherson, Jane Peng, and Rose Petoskey)

Social Media and the Law: As social media becomes commonplace in everyday life, how does it impact litigation and how can lawyers use it to their advantage? How does it influence highly publicized trials like the Tsarnaev trial? (Jennifer Brokamp, Hang Chu, and Jiaona Huang)