Heley Ong


In vivo multiphoton microscopy enables the imaging of individual fluorescently-labeled cells over time within a living organism. However, the availability of fluorescent cell labels currently limits the number of cells that can be distinguished at once. An increased number of fluorescent labels would allow for better distinction between different cell types, individual cells within a cell type, or even between intracellular structures. I currently work under the guidance of Dr. Nozomi Nishimura and Mitch Pender developing multiple lentiviral vectors with various cellular and subcellular tags carrying different colors for use in both cultured cells and in vivo.


I am an undergraduate, biological sciences major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, graduating in spring 2017. Because promoting women in STEM is important to me, I co-founded the Scientista Chapter at Cornell, under the guidance of Dr. Nozomi Nishimura. As a McNair scholar and a P3 scholar, I intend on pursuing a doctorate to work with non-traditional approaches to medicine using viral vectors in gene therapy. 

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