Poornima Gadamsetty

  PhD Student

 Principal Investigator:
         Dr. Schaffer

Femtosecond optoporation is a technique where femtosecond laser pulses are used to make sub-micrometer sized holes in a cell membrane to insert exogeneous particles and the membrane rapidly reseals keeping the cell alive. My research involves expanding on this technique of precise and specific targeting of an individual cell to in vivo systems. I am focusing on femtosecond laser optoporation for DNA transfection and genetic manipulations of specifically targeted cells like astrocytes in mice. It will enable us to map the functionality of these cells and understand diseases I did my Bachelors degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from JNTU, India. My Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Biophotonics is from Duke University. Since June 2010, I have been pursuing my PhD at Cornell University. I am also a staff writer with the university newspaper Cornell Daily Sun. My other activities include BMES Industry Relations coordinator. Moreover reading non-fiction books, good food and last but not the least writing poetry are some of my interests! I am recipient of the Phool Prakash and Rukmini Sahai Graduate Fellowship.

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