Wisler Charles

  PhD Student

 Principal Investigator:
         Dr. Schaffer

At this time, I am pursuing my interest in murine cytomegalovirus (mCMV) and its mechanism of infection in the brain and its associations to neurological disorders. Imaging the immune response to mCMV in early life, we hope to define the spatio-temporal patterns of virus and T-cells in the brains of the infected. We also hope to define how timing alters viral spread in primary and secondary mCMV infections. I received my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry & Cell Biology from the University of California, San Diego in 2010. In pursuit of a PhD in Immunology & Infectious Diseases at Cornell University, I have joined the Schaffer-Nishimura lab in collaboration with the Rudd lab. I am also a Graduate Community Advisor (GCA) for Cornell’s Maplewood graduate and professional student housing and my primary role is to help create a sense of community by hosting outings and activities. I am a NSF Graduate Research Fellow.

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