U.S. Veterinary Immune Reagent Network

The use of large animals as intermediate models in immunological research has been hampered by the availability of immune reagents for many years. The US Veterinary Immune Reagent Network is collaborative project funded by the USDA to develop key reagents for immunological research in domestic animals. Reagents for five species (cattle, pig, horse, poultry, and fish) are developed by three core facilities. Then, the new reagents will be distributed to the species communities for further characterization and testing. More than 50 laboratories within the United States participate in this network. Our group at Cornell is one of the three core facilities producing recombinant proteins (immunoglobulins, TCRs, cytokine and chemokine receptors, and various CD molecules) for all species. We use a novel equine IgG fusion protein expression system that our laboratory has developed previously and that has already been used successfully to develop various recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies for immunological research in large animals.

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