Lab Members

Bronwen Childs

Bronwen joined the lab in spring 2007 as an undergraduate student. She continued as a technician for another year, and left the lab in July 2008.
Bronwen worked on the equine summer eczema project, and on immunohistochemistry and histamine release assays. She now studies veterinary medicine at Ross University.
Richard Isom

Richard was a laboratory technician. He performed RNA isolation, polymerase chain reactions (PCR), and gene cloning. Richard worked in the lab until summer 2007.
Erin Morgan
In early 2006, Erin finished her Honor Thesis about ‘The Role of Immunoglobulin E in summer eczema and the generation of an allergen-specific IgE ELISA as a diagnostic tool for allergic diseases of horses’.
She started her DVM curriculum at Cornell University in 2006. Erin worked as an undergraduate in the lab until August of that year.