Our laboratory develops new assays to improve the diagnosis of infectious diseases and immunological disorders in veterinary species.

Current assays performed at the Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory include tests for pathogens of cattle (infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, Johne's disease), cats (feline immunodeficiency virus, feline leukaemia virus, feline coronavirus and toxoplasmosis), dogs (lyme disease, leishmaniosis) and horses (lyme disease, West Nile virus).

Under development are tests for serological allergy detection and fluorescent multiplex assays for Lyme disease, West Nile virus and for different cytokines as indicators of the immune response. In addition, assays to detect avian influenza virus and other animal pathogens are developed using microfluid technologies.

If you own a horse diagnosed with skin hypersensitivity (summer eczema, sweet itch) and would like to contribute to our research program by submitting blood samples from your horse, click here.