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Video: Vidmar


Neil Vidmar
Professor of Law and Psychology
Duke University

Neil Vidmar's scholarly research involves the empirical study of law across a broad spectrum of topics in civil and criminal law. A social psychologist by training, he is a leading expert on jury behavior and outcomes and has extensively studied medical malpractice litigation, punitive damages, dispute resolution, and the social psychology of retribution and revenge. Vidmar holds a cross-appointment with the Department of Psychology at Duke University. Vidmar has testified about jury prejudice and related issues in criminal and civil trials, has testified or consulted about juries in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, and has testified before the United States Senate on issues relating to medical malpractice reform and damage awards. Vidmar earned his MA and PhD in social psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana, in 1967. He joined the Duke Law faculty in 1989.


Neil Vidmar: Interview

Neil Vidmar speaks with Valerie Hans on several issues:

Question 1: Adversary System and Expert Testimony - the War of Experts

Question 2: Adversary System and Expert Testimony - Supporting the Party's Position

Question 3: Structural Bias? Sheppard and Vidmar Research on the Adversary System's Impact on Testimony

Question 4: Are Juries Aware of Biases in Expert Testimony?

Question 5: Neil Vidmar Experiences as an Expert Witness: Preparing to Testify

Question 6: What can a lawyer do to promote high quality testimony by experts?

Question 7: Hot Tubbing in the US - Could it work?

Question 8: Critique of Exxon Valdez Jury Research on Punitive Damages