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Search by Keywords


If you want to find a specific video, the search box at the top of each page can help.

Searching on a single word will return a list of videos where that word appears anywhere in the metadata, broken out by the field it appears in. Individual words are treated as if they have wildcards on both ends of the word, so searching on

  • ball

will also return videos with metadata containing

  • balls
  • basketballs
  • ballistic

and so on.

If you search on multiple words, the system will first return any videos where all of the terms appear in a single field, and then it will return any videos where all of the words appear individually anywhere within the record. Finally, it will return results per single word. For example, searching on

  • stable and unstable

will return all videos with the three words "stable and unstable" in any single field. This will be followed by videos that contain "stable", "and", and "unstable" anywhere in their metadata. Finally, you will see all clips that contain either "stable", "and", or "unstable" anywhere in their metadata.