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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this about "Download high resolution version"?

In order to make content produced specifically for this project more accessible for various classroom situations, we have prepared high resolution video clips in the Quicktime video format. This way, instructors who might not have an Internet connection in their classroom can download clips for use in class, and the clips are of a high enough quality to be projected in the classroom. To play the clips, you will need the Quicktime player from Apple, which is available here.

Who produced these videos?

Cornell-produced videos were made with the help of the Media Production Group at Cornell University. For details on other videos, please visit their respective web links.

Why can't I download some videos?

Some institutions have generously allowed us to present their video clips in this collection. These institutions may have additional content available to put their clips in an appropriate context, or they may not be able to offer a downloadable version due to copyright restrictions. As such, we link to these sites and encourage you to visit them for more information.

Can I use these videos in my class?

All participants in this collection have agreed to allow these clips to be used as desired in an educational setting. No sale or commercial use is permitted. We would be happy to have you mirror any clips produced by Cornell, but please let us know so that we can see who is using these resources. For other clips, please contact their producers directly. They were gracious enough to share with us, so odds are they'll be happy to let you use their clips too.

The one thing that we ask is that if you like a Cornell clip, please let us know here. If it's from one of our partner sites, please let them know if you first found them here.