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About Us

The Physics Video Demonstration Database is the creation of Cornell physics instructor Matthias Liepe. It was initially developed between 2007 and 2008 to present and share videos of commonly performed physics demonstrations. These videos can be used during lecture by instructors, can be used for coursework outside lecture, and can be use by students to review demonstrations shown in lecture. Demonstrations are an important tool in teaching physics, but many happen very quickly in lecture. Having the option of viewing the videotaped demonstrations online will allow students to study them again and more closely. A second goal of this database is to serve as a central host for other institutions' collections of demonstrations, so that a large number of physics videos can be found easily in one place. This has several benefits: First, it allows users to view a large number of demonstrations to find the one that best suits their needs. Second, it helps to promote the work done by all participating institutions. Finally, it makes an additional file host available in the event that one institution should experience network or server problems.

All videos are displayed in the Flash video format. This allows a wide range of users to see the clips regardless of their preferred operating system. In addition, Cornell-produced clips are available for download in a high-resolution Quicktime format. Instructors can save these clips to their own computers, so that they can be played in classrooms that might not normally have Internet connectivity.

The Physics Video Demonstration Database was developed with the assistance of an Innovation in Teaching award I received in 2007. The Faculty Innovation in Teaching Program is supported by the Office of the President and the Provost. Project development is provided by Academic Technology Services and User Support (ATSUS), a division of Cornell Information Technologies.