Practitioner profiles let us hear directly from planners, educators, and organizers about the practical challenges and opportunities they really face. Crafted from edited transcripts of interviews with experienced practitioners speaking about how they handled specific, memorable projects or cases, these 'practice stories' offer intimate windows onto the richness, messiness, and complexity of work “in the field.”

We use these stories for research, teaching and professional and organizational development. This site provides an experimental resource for our students, colleagues and others who, like us, are also interested in creating and using revealing and instructive profiles of contemporary practitioners. Because we're still developing the site and testing almost every page, we welcome your suggestions. Please help us to continue to learn from these stories of insightful planners, educators and others in related fields. Please fill out our feedback form.

    John Forester, Professor, Dept. City & Regional Planning, Cornell University
    Scott Peters, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Education, Cornell University 
    Margo Hittleman, Coordinator, Natural Leaders Initiative