Evolutionary Computation

Tentative Schedule

    Topic Assignments
Tue 26-Aug Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithms
Thu 28-Aug Parametric optimization
Tue 2-Sep Genetic algorithms
Thu 4-Sep The building Block Hypothesis
Tue 9-Sep Genetic Linkage and Epistasis  
Thu 11-Sep Selection mechanisms
Tue 16-Sep Genetic programming  HW 1 Due
Thu 18-Sep Diversity Maintenance  
Tue 23-Sep Generative and Developmental encodings, and Morphogenesis  
Thu 25-Sep Coevolution concepts  
Tue 30-Sep Coevolutionary dynamics  HW2 Due
Thu 2-Oct Multiobjective optimization  
Tue 7-Oct Project proposal presentations  1 Proposals Due
Thu 9-Oct Project proposal presentations  2  
Tue 14-Oct Fall Break  
Thu 16-Oct Particle Swarm Optimization  
Tue 21-Oct Estimation of Distribution Algorithms  
Thu 23-Oct Neuroevolution  
Tue 28-Oct Artificial Life  
Thu 30-Oct Hybrid models: Learning & Evolution  
Tue 4-Nov Example applications: Evolving kinematic mechanisms  
Thu 6-Nov Fundamentals: Population sizing, deceptive problems, and linkage  
Tue 11-Nov Modularity and regularity, Messy, Pareto coevolution  
Thu 13-Nov Project update presentations Mid term reports due
Tue 18-Nov Evolutionary Hardware and Evolutionary Robotics  
Thu 20-Nov Evolution of buildability  
Tue 25-Nov Example applications: Evolving photonic structures     
Thu 27-Nov Thanksgiving  
Tue 2-Dec Project Presentations 1 Final presentation due
Thu 4-Dec Project Presentations 2  
20-Dec Last day to submit final project report Final report due

Revised: November 04, 2014 .